Collaborative Cybernetics

Collaborative Cybernetics is an operational research stream established in 2013. The stream utilises the CRF/CRI compute facilities and robotics. We are all used to Narrow Artificial Intelligence now with Apple, Google, Amazon and Microsoft offerings available on devices and cloud backends.

Advances in NAI will accelerate now towards broader AI. There are vast numbers of smaller operations all working on A.I. systems across all industries and in all countries on the planet. As humans we have used tools since the dawn of our species; at Collaborative Research we see A.I. as not just a tool, it is part of our evolution.

Today the confluence of technologies allows us to analyse structured and unstructured information in ways and to depths not possible before. With A.I. assisting us we can move to greater than 3 point data analysis quickly providing better decisions by humans in administration, governance, business and health.

In essence with the power of A.I. we can move from a reactive stance to real-time decision making based on accurate 'sensor' data from a plethora of real-time sources including HD Video and highly accurate automated speech translation.

Collaborative Cybernetics encompasses machine learning advances, new software robotics algorithms, advanced VOX for software robotics and improvements to earlier systems with non-86x grid based systems.

Any in force NDA researchers using cybernetics and robotics should update the Programme Manager before end February 2017. Samantha McGee will take over the cybernetics role on 15th March 2017 as Inga moves to a significant new internal programme.

Authorised researchers should contact public relations: for general information.

If you are interested in the technology used by the Collaborative Research Foundation and the Collaborative Research Institute or information about the organisation please email the External Relations Contact: