Collaborative Research Foundation and Collaborative Research Institute 2020

The Collaborative Research Foundation and the Collaborative Research Institute are not-for-profit organisations.

Starting in Q4 2019 a greener programme schedule is to be adopted across all organisations for several reasons:

1. A greener approach meaning a new focus of performing computer intensive R&D in Autumn and Winter. During colder seasons measurably less energy is used when intensive processing in our NAICs (Data Centres) are needed
2. If energy costs are reduced the warmer seasonal dividend funds can be released for research
3. Fieldwork shall therefore be adjusted to Spring and Summer depending on the NAIC location used for a programme

The change in approach will be regularly reviewed in the first year but we do not anticipate any major issues.

New projects and programmes should plan for the new seasonal approach accordingly. Fiscal planning will align to the seasonal approach from 1.11.2019.