Collaborative Intelligence and Xeno-Science


A new division of Collaborative Research was created in Q4 2019. Collaborative Intelligence was set up as a new Internet domain for several new programmes starting in Q4 2019 including the revised Berryessa programme.

Why the new division?

The creation of this new division was a consequence of CRF/CRI research and testing from our CI team from 2017 to date.

2019 Berryessa Programme

A new citizen science ’photo ark’ programme was scheduled to start on 1.9.2019. Berryessa set out to photo document and share all sites evidencing humanity on Earth >1000 years old with high definition photography and geolocation.

There were rules to Berryessa to safeguard participants such as only take images where the site is public and where Local/Regional/National laws permit such activity. No photographs of humans or modern development <1000 years were to be included in Berryessa.

The quality of the image was key as the photo ark was to be used in our Alpha Kilo and Hotel Sierra Programmes. During testing for Berryessa our technology has determined that such a photo-ark is unnecessary as suitable public images exist for populated sites on Earth.

Funding a photo-ark as first planned was a critical issue however the programme has started with a revised objective. The Berryessa programme is led by Zoe N and will be run from our UK NAIC facility. More information from