Q2 2019 activities

Reports of content from our public information Drupal system being abused

We have had reports of content from our public information Drupal system being abused. Apparently our information appears in Google searches on other sites advertising items. This may be some type of SEO error or some malicious behavior on the part of a third party.

We are not sure of the intent but it is suspicious and we must clearly state it is nothing to do with us.

We publish our Drupal system on one IP address only, are not for profit and have nothing to do with marketing/advertising or money making and we request whoever is doing this please desist.

Updates on Alpha Kilo and Hotel Sierra Programmes

Collaborators are directed to Inga C now as programme lead effective 1.6.2019. These programmes are run from our Madeira facilities from this date.

Inga will update collaborators before end May on progress via a CI Flash.

2019 Berryessa Programme

A new citizen science ’photo ark’ programme is scheduled to start on 1.9.2019. Berryessa sets out to photo document and share all sites evidencing humanity on Earth >1000 years old with high definition photography and geolocation.

There are rules to Berryessa to safeguard participants such as only take images where the site is public and where Local/Regional/National laws permit such activity. No photographs of humans or modern development <1000 years will be included in Berryessa.

The quality of the image is key as the photo ark will be used in our Alpha Kilo and Hotel Sierra Programmes. More details on a dedicated Berryessa site once funding is confirmed.

The start date depends on several factors including funding and may have to be delayed. The Berryessa programme is led by Zoe N and will be run from our UK NAIC facility. More information from berryessa@crfoundation.org.uk.