The Madeira Engine and the Alpha Kilo Programme

The Madeira Engine and the Alpha Kilo Programme

Happy New Year to all our friends and Feliz Ano Novo to those in Madeira, Portugal!

Since H2 2018 we have been working on an engine to add to our Collaborative Intelligence unit that would accelerate our research on Surface Web, Deep Web and non Web knowledge.

We have for some time used our Truth Engines which were architected in the early 2000's under the CRF Tachyon Programme and successor development by the CRI.

The Truth Engines used multiple trails of corroboration to assess material using probability criteria. Natural development of this technology followed and these engines perform well for us today.

That said they were oriented towards logic in all cases and the processing time (and cost) were linked to that logic. In the era of 'fake news' this meant unnecessary processing time to determine the research topic was in all probability seriously flawed and the topic was rejected for open consideration.

In Summer 2018 we began to design a 'Common Sense' Engine of sorts add-on to more rapidly determine if the research topic subject of analysis was in all probability seriously flawed.

Designed at our Madeira Portugal facilities this technology was key to sensible management of a new programme called Alpha Kilo.

Alpha Kilo was started as an experiment to assess information seeking derived knowledge from pre-history to date where we could test the 'Madeira Engine'. The Madeira Engine was added to the Collaborative Intelligence facilities in September 2018.

After a few faltering starts the Madeira Engine added value and made the overall research work more efficient with the predicates being updated by the engine itself under a controlled protocol. This sped up results and reduced processing time.

In December 2018 the Alpha Kilo programmed evolved and we set it in motion to seek out useful lost technology from the past as a way of using the system practically.

So far we have had had some interesting times with early results and the CI team are working together on Alpha Kilo.

Happy New Year, Feliz Ano Novo to all!