Microservices development to production suspended: Spectre & Meltdown

CR developers are advised that effective today all microservices developments to production are suspended. This suspension is planned from today to 31.3.2018 when a decision will be taken on mitigation maturity. We apologise to development streams who may be impacted. AlphaLab and BetaLab work is unaffected but systems scheduled for production will be delayed for the foreseeable period in Q1 2018.

This suspension action is to mitigate Spectre & Meltdown risks to CR production 'systems'. SPARC based grid systems are being reviewed as a special case.

Note that all full virtualisation developments are unaffected. Major host systems have been patched with vendor patches plus in house software modifications; minor systems are being audited. Initial performance assessments of the patch impact is a slow-down which varies by host platform and complexity. No assessed system shows significant performance drop (>25%) and some systems appear unaffected after patching at this time.

CR field developers can contact Zoe at the CRI for more details.