A decade of the Collaborative Research Foundation

Today marks a decade of the Collaborative Research Foundation set up by Gordon Jeffrey in December 2007.

We wish to thank those around the Earth who have contributed knowledge so far and remember those who have passed on from our planet but left us with their unique input and insight and those who we are no longer in touch with who helped us along the way.

A person of note we remember today is Mr Jonathan Eccles for his work with us on Computer Abstraction prior to his passing.

During the decade we have indirectly shared some of our successes through our presentations at events and other personal interactions.

We always use our term of NAI as Near Artificial Intelligence by the way. Some in the industry today call this Soft Artificial Intelligence. We prefer our term NAI. Sentient Artificial Intelligence is now called by some in the industry today Hard Artificial Intelligence. We prefer the term Artificial Intelligence to denote the sentient classification.

We always think of a line in the film 'Men In Black' calling humans 'a gullible species' with all the hype around AI and technology today. During a recent technical forum an attendee reminded us that "Cloud Computing" was so called because the graphics of the day used to illustrate the technology architecture had a cloud representing the Internet! Apparently it was decided humans could not grasp how things really worked and needed a dumb label. The film 'Men In Black' was right; humans tend to be 'a gullible species'.

We do hope in the next ten years more humans invest some time to learn and develop their muscles known as brains in the technology space akin to the trend these days to go to the gym and hone their other muscles!

After ten years of private development we have learned much and the knowledge gained from successes and failures (usually at at 1:3 ratio!) has led to wisdom that equips us well for the next decade of private R&D in the NAI and AI space.

The Near Artificial Intelligence Centre (NAIC) concept is working well and we are committed to working with this technology from 2018 to 2028 at least.

Our Collaborative Intelligence (CI) group of machines and humans working together has born fruit and is leading us in new directions for example around determining fact from fiction on surface web publications as well as new methods of interacting with deep web material.

Our CI group has found new techniques to gain improved 5 point analyses with large data sources and improved predictive capability. We use this data for private presentation material on a wide range of technology oriented subjects.

As we look forward to our future decade of work may we also wish everyone Season's Greetings at this time.