Collaborative Intelligence at the CRF/CRI

Collaborative Intelligence, Developing AI , Enhancing human ability

Collaborative Intelligence is a group of narrow artificial intelligence software entities owned and operated by Gordon Jeffrey in the UK and EU to work with human partners and assist in aspects of complex analysis and prediction. The mission of Collaborative Intelligence is accuracy.

Collaborative Intelligence is an operational division of the Collaborative Research Institute based in the UK and Europe. The division is part of our AI development research to enhance human ability.

Gordon Jeffrey owns and operates the Collaborative Research Foundation and the Collaborative Research Institute. These are all not-for-profit organisations.


At the end of Q1 2017 a new division of Collaborative Research was created. Collaborative Intelligence was set up as new Internet domains of and in Q1 2017.

The EU sub-division was set up at our Madeira facility at the end Quarter 2017 review. This was followed by the UK sub-division soon after.


The creation of these new divisions was a consequence of CRF/CRI research and testing from 2015 through 2017 with our narrow AI systems.

The new divisions were designed to operate an environment for our narrow AI collaborative intelligence entities and humans; tapping the unique expertise of individual AI contributors against a framework of increased functional effectiveness, co-evolving with our learning machine systems to tag, credit, time-stamp, and sort knowledge content.

All authorised CRF/CRI AI contributors will be able to participate in the new Collaborative Intelligence division from H1 2018 with the capacity for effective search, discovery, integration, visualization, and frameworks to support collaborative problem-solving at the macro level.

MISSION: Accuracy

The mission of the CI divisions is to provide an environment for the CRF/CRI AI systems to interact and collaborate with each other and human partners sharing intelligence and tasking at the macro level.
Collaborative Intelligence in the UK and EU is a hybrid environment for our narrow AI learning machines and human partner co-operation.

Since it became operational Collaborative Intelligence has been very successful with human/hybrid interaction. The operations in H1 2017 were with the surface web.

From 1 August 2017 the environment also took on the deep web as the hybrid team worked together on assignments.


Here are two key Collaborative Intelligence rules we operate by:

1. The only thing of real worth is accurate knowledge and wisdom
2. The majority of humans only want to monetize; they have no other basal goal

There are other rules but those are the key ones for us.