Collaborative Research

The Collaborative Research Foundation was established by the founder for a collective group of principals who have worked successfully in the global computer industry for the last two decades. The Collaborative Research Foundation (CRF) mission is the 'spirit of progress' aimed at high performance computing.

Simply put, the Foundation exists to promote progress in computing using private funds and facilities to foster innovation in computer systems for the future. The CRF seeks to promote accelerated progress in computing and has a focus on machine learning, hybrid human-computer collaboration and Artificial Intelligence.

Our Computer Grid systems support this work in the using both true grid and loose grid components. There are a number of research facilities as part of the Grid that the Collaborative Research Foundation sponsors. Projects are performed under non-disclosure agreements as the research and development in the CRF 'proving grounds' are at alpha level for next generation programmes. The Collaborative Research Foundation has a number of modular research facilities that are loosely coupled and grid based.

The CRF Virtual Research Centre (VRC) has a focus on on advanced computer research in the commercial technology sector. The CRF Open Research Center (ORC) has a focus on advanced computer research in the Open Source world. The CRF Technology Research Centre (TRC) has a focus on advanced systems computer research. The CRF Enterprise Research Centre (ERC) has a focus on advanced enterprise computer research. There are other CRF and CRI divisions.

If you are interested in the Collaborative Research Foundation facilities please email the Public Relations Contact: