Collaborative Research Institute

The Collaborative Research Institute (CRI) is a private organisation with private IT facilities for technology research and development. The Institute is a not-for-profit organisation.

The Collaborative Research Institute (CRI) maintains private knowledgebases based on research that are used by stream leads to guide our programmes.

The Collaborative Research Institute exists to promote progress in computing and is privately funded. We are grateful to collaborators who contribute knowledge to the Collaborative Research Institute.

There are numerous sub-divsions as Research Centres in the private IT facilities. All are components of the Collaborative Research Foundation (CRF) and the Collaborative Research Institute (CRI). These include the Technology Research Centre, the Virtual Research Centre, the Enterprise Research Centre, the Open Research Centre, the Scientific Research Centre, the Grid Research Centre and the Collaborative Research Institute (CRI) Special Programmes facility.

The Collaborative Research Institute uses the Collaborative Research private cloud for advanced systems computer research. Research time on the CRI systems is allotted to authorised users. Priority is given by merit, ethics and availability of the facility. As an example individual Research & Development for medical advances (pharma, bio), Science research (new concepts) and others.

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