Collaborative Commons and the CRF & CRI

Jeremy Rifkin (check out Wikipedia) is a futurist and economist and promulgates Collaborative Commons for the future.

The CRI and CRF operate a variant of this for our vetted, validated and authenticated users. The reasons why we need to vet and validate are to prevent abuse in the world of today. Integrity is everything for us which is why we vet and validate beyond social media systems today.
We don't link with any of the current social media systems and don't abuse private information. We do actively use non-disclosure agreements and some prospective collaborators find these too restrictive.
Remember we are a private unincorporated association and not-for-profit; no SLAs, no OLAs, just honest to goodness R&D.

In a sense we make the future and believe to achieve Collaborative Commons requires a huge mind-set change for example worth not profit. In our world today some of us still operate traditionally in part but for Collaborative Research divisions generally we operate in the future.

So if you find we don't allow you to comment or approve an account here don't take it as complete rejection; we just don't know who you really are yet. We need to know who you really are to make an integrity assessment before joining a project or programme inside our R&D.

Our panel reviews all account applications monthly and we will mail you at your verified e-mail account with questions. If your e-mail account is not verified we can't communicate with you so we won't approve your request.

If you are interested in this aspect of the Collaborative Research Foundation please email the Public Relations Contact: for more information.