Collaborative Research has an outreach system called LabNet ( that is used to provide a day to day working environment for programme collaboration.

The CRF Virtual Research Centre (VRC) has a focus on on computer research in the commercial technology sector.

The CRF Open Research Center (ORC) has a focus on computer research in the Open Source world .

The CRF Technology Research Centre (TRC) has a focus on computer research for the Financial Services Industry.

Collaborative Research programmes - downtime of services

Collaborative Research sometimes has downtime for internet based Research, Development and Laboratory services.

There are always reasons for this including:

1) SMART UPDATES to technology, for example software patching, requiring a small period of service interruption. This can affect a small part or all of the Collaborative Research facilities in the UK centres, or worldwide.


The Collaborative Research Information Technology Think Tank (known internally as CRIT3) is a group of experienced IT professionals who advise on technology futures and event horizon probabilities.

Knowledge from the CRF and CRI is used to extrapolate futures as forward looking statements. We must ask you to note this caution regarding any Forward-Looking Statements:

Certain perspectives communicated by the CRIT3 group, including future expectations, beliefs, goals or prospects, and any statements that are not statements of historical facts are forward-looking statements.

CRF and CRI Publications

Publications submitted to the CRF and CRI are encouraged where they support sharing knowledge and collaboration. Artifacts submitted to the Editorial Panel will be hosted in Public and Private areas as appropriate.

These artifacts will be PDF format downloadable where appropriate and typically have creative commons assignment(s).

Contact to submit material to the Editorial Panel for publication.

Collaborative Research Institute

The Collaborative Research Institute is a private organisation with private IT facilities for technology research and development. The Institute is a not-for-profit unincorporated association organisation.

The Collaborative Research Institute exists to promote progress in computing and is privately funded. We are grateful to collaborators who contribute knowledge to the Collaborative Research Institute.

Collaborative Commons and the CRF & CRI

Jeremy Rifkin (check out Wikipedia) is a futurist and economist and promulgates Collaborative Commons for the future.

Collaborative Research Foundation

The Collaborative Research Foundation was established by the founder for a collective group of principals who have worked successfully in the global computer industry for the last two decades.

The Collaborative Research Foundation (CRF) mission is the 'spirit of progress' aimed at high performance computing with a focus on software robotics and narrow A.I.

Collaborative Data Science

Collaborative Data Science is an operational research stream established in 2013. The stream utilises the CRF/CRI compute facilities and robotics.

Any CRF/CRI programmes using analytics should contact for details of how to integrate into the stream.

All in force NDA researchers please note that all Collaborative Research onstream systems will have have changed access methods in March 2017.

Collaborative Cybernetics

Collaborative Cybernetics is an operational research stream established in 2013. The stream utilises the CRF/CRI compute facilities and robotics. We are all used to Narrow Artificial Intelligence now with Apple, Google, Amazon and Microsoft offerings available on devices and cloud backends.

CRF Atlantis

Collaborative Research Foundation Atlantis is a division of the Collaborative Research Foundation and has private IT facilities outside of the UK (Europe based) for authorised users only.

Software development is the primary mission for CRF Atlantis building on work performed in the AlphaLab, BetaLab and via LabNet worldwide.

Use of the Collaborative Research Foundation Atlantis facilities is limited to authorised users under NDA.


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